Articulation Homework

Articulation homework may also include a list of words and/or phrases the student needs to practice DAILY and return to me (after being signed by you, the parent) on the given date. Please look in your child's speech folder for this type of homework.  Be sure to have your child say the words aloud and listen for correct pronunciation. There are also many resources on the web that are great for practicing articulation.


Articulation Crossword Puzzles

Articulation materials

Weblinks for articulation and phonology games

Articulation carryover activities

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Creative Articulation  Practice

Articulation Power Point Practice


/R/ Homework

Think you are done with speech?  Click here for /R/ challenge words

Tips for /R/ Practice

Prevocalic /R/ Pictures

AIR stories

AR stories



Powerpoint Games


ER Initial BAAM

Vocalic /R/ Jeopardy

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Summer Articulation Practice